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also, was there any material alteration, giving suspicion about the genuineness of the cheque, thereby safeguarding the interest ... construed as material alteration, and in this view, the bank should have returned the cheque to the holder
State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
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clear that the debt or liability towards which the cheque is issued should be a legally enforceable debt or liability ... there is an unexplained material alteration in respect of the month on Ex. P-3 cheque in question and that
Andhra High Court
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2006 (1) ALD Cri 712
- M Patrudu - Full Document
That signed blank cheque in the hands of the complainant was misused and after material alterations in the amount, debt ... definite case of the accused was that the cheque given to the complainant for another transaction was misused
Kerala High Court
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plaintiff and that Ext.A1 cheque is seen with material alteration and is a forged document. It is also
Kerala High Court
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material or evidence to show that the material alteration in Ext. P1 cheque is effected by the complainant and therefore ... Section 87, it an be seen that 'any material alteration of the negotiable instrument renders the same void as against
Kerala High Court
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cheque in dispute for expert opinion regarding the age of the writing and also regarding the material alteration of causing ... such a cheque for such huge amount and according to him, the amount shown therein after material alteration through erasure
Kerala High Court
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material particulars filled up in comparison with the signature thereon as constituting a 'material alteration' for the purposes of Section ... maker, that would be a material alteration. Therefore as long as the cheque has been signed by the drawer
Delhi High Court
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2013 17:35:08 ::: (4) there are material alterations in the cheque. Hence, the accused preferred an application Exhibit
Bombay High Court
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There is material alterations in the amount in Ex.P--1 and that the cheque dated 15/1/1999 ... Iea1'1fied"'eeeir1se1V:.ffor the respondent with 'material alterations. He relied on a decisiem rendered Court wherein it is held
Karnataka High Court
- Cites 1 - Cited by 0 - K.Ramanna - Full Document
that Ext.P1 cheque was issued as a security, that no amount was due from ... complainant and that there was material alteration in the cheque. No evidence was adduced by the accused except examining himself
Kerala High Court
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